Material Handling Delivery Systems

Precise cutting up to 4-boards high! The ProCut™ UC Linear Saw Series is configurable to any assembly line; providing a safe, accurate way to cut your lumber, while keeping your materials moving on your line.

Maximize Your Output with ProCut Material Handling Systems

Feed the ProCut™ with bulk lumber staged around the Linear Infeed Conveyors. Materials are picked and placed in the order which it is to be processed.

Lumber is fed to the ProDeck™ Lumber Infeed - where it accumulates and is dispensed to the sawyer.

The Sawyer cuts the necessary parts for the job. An optional Scrap Conveyor can be stationed by the saw for easy removal of scrap lumber. 

From the ProCut™, the cut material is conveyed to an accumulator where it is grouped and placed together with all components of the job.

The material is conveyed to the staging areas at each truss assembly workstation.

The staging areas at the table provide an uninterrupted supply of perfectly cut and organized material.  

Eliminate the carts and congested staging areas in your plant. The ProCut™ saw, when used in combination with the ProDeck™ and our Custom Material Handling Systems, can be configured to improve the flow of perfectly cut parts and materials directly to your assembly stations. No carts or forklifts required. 

 The ProCut™ UC Linear Saw Series offers many variations to suit your plant and assembly line.   

Options Available

  • ProDeck™ Lumber Infeed
  • Material Handling Conveyors
  • Scrap Conveyors